We’re growing, and we’d love you to grow your business with us.

What makes Adore different?

There used to be two types of estate agency.

i)       ‘No sale, no fee’ agents, where inflated commissions help to ensure that people who have a property that sells pay for the ones who have an overpriced property that doesn’t. That can’t be right.

ii)      The hands-off, online agency which only offers low costs by expecting sellers to do everything themselves.

Adore is different, because we realise that when customers pay our low fees they:

i)                    Pay much less than the % of final cost with ‘no sale, no fee’ deals

ii)                   Don’t subsidise overpriced properties

iii)                 Get a comprehensive personal service, rather than doing it themselves

How do I know it works?

It already is. The Adore model has been operating for 4 years and is generating proven results and profits. Get in touch and we’ll show you more.

What earning potential is there?

You can expect a return on your investment in just 12 to 18 months. Yet for any new business, ROI isn’t the only measure of success. Cash flow is essential, which is why the “nothing to pay upfront” fees of our operating model make such a difference.

Together with a range of revenue streams from referral sources, an estate agency franchise with Adore ensures a good rate of return, and a healthier cash flow.

What support will you give me?

We’ll be with you every step of the way, helping to make the launch of your business swift and painless and your growth successful. You can find out more about the support we offer here.

How do you generate more viewings than the competition?

By taking a wider view of technology, branding and marketing. Here are just two examples:

i)                    The videttes we produce for each property increase viewing rates by 48%

ii)                   We know that not everyone is tech-savvy. By maintaining a high street presence and equipping all branches with iPads, we ensure every customer can visit us in branch, where we help them access the information they need

What skills do I need?

You don’t need formal qualifications to start your own estate agency. You will, however, be interested in property, passionate about launching and running your own business, and committed to the very highest standards of customer service. You will be able to sell, and bring a range of transferrable skills and experiences from your previous work.

How many other Adore franchises will operate in my local area?

None. You’ll have exclusivity over your local area and the freedom to build the Adore brand within it.

Can I still offer ‘no sale, no fee’?

Yes, although our “nothing to pay upfront” fees deliver better value and protect your cash flow.

Find out more about an estate agency franchise with Adore. Talk to us about starting your own estate agency business here