A typical day in the life of an Adore franchisee

Firstly, there is no such thing as a typical day in the life of an Adore Franchisee. However, the following should give you an overview of what you might expect:

Despite some individuals having given the profession a bad name, the large majority of estate agents today are honest, hardworking, and ambitious to learn more about their industry and how they can help their customers more.

Before we talk about a typical (or not so typical) life in the day of an Adore Franchisee, it’s important to repeat there is never a typical day, and this can make the role exciting, challenging, and perfect for somebody like yourself.

You have now become a self employed property professional which will take you out of the daily humdrum and push you into the exciting world of property negotiation

Okay, let’s take a look at the role in a little more detail…

Getting the Day Started

Your working day will probably start off in the office where your start time will usually between 8.30am and 9.00am.

A morning meeting is usually held first thing with your staff to kick the day off, discuss new properties you have been instructed to sell or let, give updates on existing listings and transactions, discuss any further news or changes that your staff need to be aware of, and talk about any other business that anybody wants to discuss. Once the meeting has finished, your day as an estate agent will commence.

This will vary from day to day, but you can expect applicants (ie: people who want to buy or let a property) and clients (ie: people selling or letting the property) to either walk in off the street, email or phone you to discuss their requirements, and you will almost certainly also be out of the office showing applicants suitable properties to buy or let and carrying out valuations. Your success as a franchisee to start with will, to a large degree, be dependent upon your interpersonal skills and your ability to build a strong rapport with clients and applicants in a short period of time, getting to understand their needs and tastes. You treat every phone call or caller as an opportunity, each time a potential buyer contacts you, find out as much as you can about their wants, needs and current situation, ensuring that if they have a property to sell or rent you book yourself an appointment to value the property for them. In order to reach your targets you need to be booking in valuations each day.

Whenever you deal with a client, obtaining a valuation appointment should be at the forefront of your mind, as the secret of successful estate agency is listing plenty of properties. Without valuations you will have no properties to sell and no opportunities to cross sell additional services such as conveyancing, removals, mortgages etc. So be prepared to carry out valuations later in the day and into the early evening as this is often when the clients are available.

Playing Catch Up

A lot can happen in a day and you’ll be spending a large amount of your time on the phone catching up with a variety of people. In addition to dealing with paperwork, existing accounts and advertising new listings, you’ll also be taking calls from anxious clients and dealing with potential new buyers and sellers walking in off the street.

The morning is a great time to make phone calls as it’s usually a little quieter. A large proportion of your time will be spent calling solicitors to check the stages of each of your outstanding purchases and sales, and if you are also handling lettings, dealing with tenants and landlords to get lettings paperwork, tenant agreements etc. finalised and agreed.

You may need to call a vendor to update him. His property may have only been on the market for a couple of weeks and viewing levels may have been lower or higher than you would have liked. You call him up for a chat and talk him through the situation, it’s not panic stations yet but we need to keep a close eye on the property. The vendor responds well and appreciates you making contact and keeping him updated.

Perfecting the Sales Pitch


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